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Starter/Advanced Jumpers - Thursday July 30, 2020

Held at Dogz on 3859 Carling Avenue, Ottawa

Our judges for the evening

Ian Cranstone - Starters

Kathryn Kaiser - Advanced

Check-in Time 5 pm - The first judge's briefing and walk through starts at 5:15

There are some rules to follow because of COVID-19. You are required to bring a face mask and wear it for each walk-thru and during dog measurements.
Always maintain social distancing, only entering the gatekeeper area to ask when your run is. Do not hang out nearby the gatekeeper.
Scorekeeping will be done after the trial; results will be e-mailed to you. We can verify if your dog accomplished a qualifying run for move-ups and possibly for title rosettes.

Please click the event links that you want to enter your dog to run, then select Pay Here to pay for the runs. You can update your dog's information by clicking on the name in the top right.
For More Dogz members each AAC event costs $13, and $10 for FEO. Non-members pay $15 for AAC events and $12 for FEO.

Starters Runs

Standard 1 Standard 2 Jumpers 1 Jumpers 2


Advanced Runs

Standard 1 Standard 2 Jumpers 1 Jumpers 2


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AAC Policies that Have Been Temporarily Suspended or Modified - relevant trial policies are listed

7. Dog Measurement – In order to limit the transfer and handling of documents, for the remainder of 2020, dog ID cards will not be signed by the officiating judge. Judges will provide a one-time measure for dogs under 2 years or dogs with no measurement recorded on their card. A temporary COVID-19 measurement card will be given to the handler to be used during this time until normal measuring procedures can be resumed. Club must not tick “height card viewed” in Agility Rocks until the handler has a signed, permanent ID card.

8. Dog Measurement – if a dog has one measurement on their ID card, they can continue to compete in the height indicated by that measurement. In order to limit close contact between handler and judge, the final measurement should be completed at a later date. This in effect until December 31, 2020.

9. Competitors may place the dog’s leash in their pockets when running the course. The leash must be small enough to fit completely inside the pocket. Note: if the dog grabs the leash while running or jumps at the handler’s pocket, this will be scored as an “E” (toy in the ring). If the leash falls out of the pocket during the run and the dog does not interact with it, there will be no fault. This in effect until December 31, 2020.

10. Due to concerns for ring crew, (changing heights, handling an obstacle that numerous competitors have stood in close proximity to) use of the table in course design is temporarily suspended. Judges should consult with Course Approvers to make any necessary changes. This in effect for trials up to December 31, 2020.

11. Ring crew – if using electronic timing, timer and scribe task may be carried out by the same person.

13. Junior Handler status for those turning 18 years of age in 2020 will be extended to December 31, 2021.

14. Due to reduced numbers of trials and because of travel restrictions, the need to use (the same) local judges, the title requirement for earning legs under two different judges is lifted until December 31, 2020.

16. Handlers who are planning to transition their dog to veterans category at five (5) years of age or older, and are unable to enter in the Special category for a minimum of twelve (12) consecutive months immediately preceding the move to the Veteran category due to lack of trials, will require the handler to notify the AAC via the appropriate Regional Director. A form will be available on the website for download to enable you to officially state your intention