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  AAC-Sanctioned Agility Trial Signup


Sunday September 6, 2020

Judge: Yanick Villeneuve


Dogz Canine Sports Center ~ 3859 Carling Avenue, Ottawa ~

Check-in Time 8 AM. First judge's briefing and walk-through at 8:45 AM

There are some rules to follow because of COVID-19. You are required to bring a face mask and wear it for each walk-thru and during dog measurements.
Always maintain social distancing, only entering the gatekeeper area to ask when your run is. Do not hang out nearby the gatekeeper or the score keeper.

Please click the event links that you want to enter your dog to run, then select Pay Here to pay for the runs. You can update your dog's information by clicking on the name in the top right.
Each run costs $16, and $8 FEO for Green Fee Members, and $18, and $9 FEO for others.


Touch a Take to take the run. If you are not logged in, a page will come up to pick login or join the Dogz Trials Dogs group. Join the group to provide your dog and your information.

Masters Trial

Masters FEO
Standard 1 Take Take FEO
Steeplechase 1 Take Take FEO
Gamblers 1 Take Take FEO
Snooker 1 Take Take FEO
Gamblers 2 Take Take FEO
Snooker 2 Take Take FEO
Standard 2 Take Take FEO
Jumpers 1 Take Take FEO
Steeplechase 2 Take Take FEO
Jumpers 2 Take Take FEO

Pay Here Must be Taken

Bring Payment To Trial
or Pay with e-Transfer